Testing out Github's Atom editor

I’ve been spending a lot of time just trying out a lot of really cool applications, and have pretty much left vim behind. Although, vim is an amazing text editor it really is not meant to be a lot more. To be fair, there are several plugins that make it do a lot more, such as vim-figutive and nerdtree. But ultimately these are just awkward implementations that try to add features that really do not belong there.

So instead where to next? I had tried out Sublime Text before and naturally went back to that which I used for a while but after evaluating it I decided Atom would be worth a shot since it’s free and extremely hackable. After trying it out for a few hours, I decided that I wouldn’t be turning back. It’s a truly phenomenal editor, or really anything else, and although I haven’t bothered with trying to customize it, it should be fairly easy. It’s supposed to be a modern text editor that is extremely hackable. The hackable part is thanks to the web technologies behind this app, as it is built on Electron. Which essentially just means any web developer should feel at home when customizing atom.

Here’s a Screenshot of me writing this post!


I am currently playing around with the numerous packages available and will soon post about some recommended ones!