Game Jam 2016

Last year I decided to participate in the U of S GameJam with my group of coders from coding club. Although, we were the only highschool students at the event, we were able to walk away with both the graphics design prize and the best newbie game prize. Though this calls for a huge shoutout to our graphics designer that did amazing work.


The game represents an action packed adventure featured around “Arnold”, the office nuisance. Featuring a platformer game, the player can control Arnold to navigate around the office and throwing small paper balls to distract the office workers. Player needs to keep a close eye on the stamina and health, as running and jumping reduces stamina while getting caught by the boss reduces Job Security! Keep in mind the Boss that walks around, if he sees you distracting the workers, you are fired! Collect the paper, pens and staples around the office, so that the worker’s can’t use them, to gain more points!

Watchout as the bosses are stronger and faster on higher levels!

Install / Playing

To play the game simply go here


  • movement with arrow keys or AWSD
  • shoot with space
  • toggle map with ‘m’ to make the game harder!
  • shift to sprint

Your can walk around and take the elevators to higher floors, there are five floors in total. For the most parts the workers run away from you, they have some simple AI logic. The bosses on the other hand try to chase you, but again their AI logic is very simple considering it was scratched together in under 15 minutes! You get points from bonus pickups and from defeating the workers.

See what happens if you run out of health!

The source code is available as well, though keep in mind this was planned, written and tested in under 24 hours! so the code may not be up to spec.

Here’s a screen play, note the audio was disabled on the machine used to record.

Tool used

  • Unit3D
  • Photoshop
  • Audacity
  • GIMP