Mesh Network Part 2

So far we have assembled our teams and now we can start focusing on researching and learning how to go about our different roles. Just to recap, I have the roles listed here.

  • Arduino Developer : Minh
  • Electronics : Sarah
  • Cryptography : Shafin
  • Secretary : Hassan
  • Structural : Rafi (we will all do this together once i get back)

Look below to learn what to do

Arduino Developer

The role of the arduino developer in the project is to know how to write all the arduino specific code. This mainly means knowing how to send and receive information between different nodes. You will have to be clever and figure out how to send information from one device to another device which is in a different location. So far, just focus on the SparkFun Kit and over the break work through half the book.

We will meet after the break and get started on coding for the transceiver. At that point you will need to work with the Electronics developer and produce two arduino devices that can communicate successfully with one another


You already know alot about electronics so just follow the same task as the Arduino Developer above with a focus on the electronics instead of the programming


Your role is super interesting and you will be trying to figure out how to keep our messages secret. This is the field of cryptography, and there is an endless number of different ways to encrypt the messages. I recommend starting with the Caesar Shift. For writing the code just use Javascript. After that try to research and implement other cryptology methods.


Make sure everyone is on task and do some research over the break.