Ideas for future projects

Here I will be documenting new ideas for projects as I my brain lights up in different colors! Once an idea is more flushed out it will likely have its own post with more details. Ideas are sorted by pseudo-categories.

Node.js / Javascript

  • [ ] NodeJs multiplayer game server with front end client


  • [ ] reddit bot for r/ibo to direct lazy redditors to common resources!

Study tools

  • [ ] Quizlet desktop client
  • [ ] Markdown to flash card generator (will probably end up written in JS)


  • [x] Mesh network
  • [x] simple path finding robot for BRRIT
  • [ ] Arduino-IRremote 3.0 rewrite; in progress


  • [ ] write a bunch of alternative applications that have non existent memory footprints to replace exising mac products eg Serial emulator
  • [ ] better package manager, brew is very slow

Git tools

  • [ ] write a better devscout … its filled with bugs and im pretty sure its built on electron so!


  • [ ] Write up a philosophical document, refer to suckless but you know maybe make the philosophy suckless than suckless’ … see what I did there?